Overview Job Screen

The overview job screen allows you to check your work has the correct costings in and out and required purchase orders etc. before authorizing them to be invoiced.

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The screen filters and up to date are separated from the table of jobs below, you can set these filters and they will not change until the screen is reloaded.

The screen will now load with 200 jobs open, you can add more jobs to the screen if you wish to pass through for billing more than 200 jobs at a time by clicking the "More Jobs" button at the footer of the page.

All column headers are now sortable by clicking on the column header.
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Should you be happy with the job prices etc. you can tick the jobs or select all. Then hit "Send selected jobs to accounts"

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Once that is done the job is in the invoice queue waiting to be invoiced, and will not be able to be edited unless removed from the invoice run.