Raise Invoices

You can raise your invoices to customers in the accounts department, all work you are looking to invoice should already be passed through the Overview Job Screen.

  • You should select the office in your system you are looking to raise the invoices for or select all offices.
  • Enter the date you wish to invoice up until
  • Invoice schedules. Accounts will all have an invoice schedule which can be change in the invoice settings within an account, this allow you to group particular customer in an invoice run.
  • Consignment Note allows you to raise an invoice just for one job number
  • Account allows you to filter the invoice run just to one account
  • Next invoice number should be entered when you do your first invoice run in the system to set the invoice number, then going forward should be left blank for the system to auto generate the invoice number.
  • Raise invoices if ticked will raise a real invoice run, if left unticked will generate a preview invoice run
  • Invoice date as cut off date, if ticked will set the date of the invoice as the cut of date set up, if unticked invoices will be dated today.
  • Include International/Overnight Jobs that have been Authorised, but not POD'd, should be ticked if you want to invoice work regardless of its POD status, if left unticked you will only invoice delivered work.
  • Exclude work, filter allowing you to exclude particular work from your invoice run.

If Raise invoices is not ticked you can then download previews. 1 PDF with invoices that would be generated (will not include an invoice number or the invoice date on a preview) and 1 excel summary sheet showing each account and invoice value.

If Raise invoices is ticked you can then click Raise Invoices and you will be taken to the invoice batches screen.