Creating A Courier Navigator Operator and Setting Permissions

Creating a user

Users are created in the Control Panel > New Operator.

Enter the operators Name and Phone numbers. By entering a Mobile Number the user will be able to access the system from remote locations.

Set the Username & Password.

Select the office the user belongs to.

User Permissions

Can this Operator create Customer Accounts: YES/NO (Can this user create new customer accounts in the system)

Can this Operator create job Bookings: YES/NO (Can this user make bookings in the system)

Can send jobs to accounts for Invoicing: YES/NO (Can this user authorise jobs to be invoiced. Not raise invoices but send to invoice queue)

Can this Operator access and edit Accounts (5 highest level):
NO/ 1-5 as detailed below

No has no access to the account department and any areas below.

Level 1 users can:
View Supplier Invoices
View Invoices on an account level
Check Supplier Invoices
View Driver Statement
View Sales Person Commissions

Level 2 users can:
Create Sales Persons
Set sales Persons commission structures

Level 3 users can:
View Invoices on a global level
View Credit Notes
Raise Driver Pay statements

Level 4 users can:
Raise Customer invoices

Level 5 users can:
Take jobs out of the invoice queue
Cancel invoices
View and export Sage files
Raise Credit Notes

Can this Operator edit and Overview Accounts: YES/NO (Can this user run reports in the system)

Can this Operator roam Offices: YES/NO (Can this user switch between different office in the system)

Can this add/edit drivers: YES/NO (Can the user add and amend driver files in the system)

Can this Operator edit System Settings: YES/NO (Can the user access the system control panel to make changes to system settings such as customer tariffs, supplier tariffs, transit times and other general system settings, can they edit the history of a consignment and remove scans etc.)

Is this Operator a sales account manager:
YES/NO (Is this user a sales rep / account manager)

Restricted Viewing Accounts/Jobs to there Accounts:
YES/NO (If set to yes the user will only be able to see jobs and accounts they are set to be an account manager on and no other work)

Is this Operator can Authorise Loss making jobs: YES/NO (Can the user authorise jobs to beinvoiced on which you are making a loss)