Setting Status Actions

In the Control Panel > Control for available status, you can see all the statuses currently set in the system.
The main options from the screen are;
Agent / Drivers - Yes / No sets if this status can be applied to a job by the driver on the mobile app.
CRM Link - Sets wether the status transfers a note of this to HubSpot if the HubSpot integration is in use
Customer Site - Offline / Online sets if this status is displayed online against the job, if this is offline, this will just be visible to internal system users and not customers
Extra Info Censored - Open / Censored sets if any information typed along with the status is visible to the customer or not. If censored the extra information is only visible internally.
Send Email - On / Off sets if this status will trigger an email update to the customer

Creating Custom Statuses

In the Control Panel > Create Status Flags it allows you to create your own status, which you can then configure elsewhere in the system as to the action this status has such as appearing online or sending an email.

Creating Pre-Written Status Notes

In the Control Panel > Create Status Notes you can create a pre written message which will then appear as a dropdown option when applying the relevant status to the job. You also have the option to apply a charge to this also.

Creating Status Shortlists

In the Control Panel > Create Status Category  you can create a shortlist of particular statuses in the update status tab, allowing you to quickly locate teh required status