Job Search

The Quick search is a non date restricted look up for Consignment Note searches only, you can comma separate numbers in this field to look up multiple jobs.

Advanced Search

Once you open the advance search, you can look up jobs by Account, Purchase Order, Country and Post Code.
To ensure requests are efficient, you can select pre-set date periods to look up jobs or you can select your own date range using the Select from calendar option
Your submission to the server will take place when you press “Update Search Results”.

More Options

Should you need an even more detailed search, you can filter results for a specific vehicle, delivery agent, type of work, driver code, invoice number or part of the address

Report Options

You can run reports on your search results byticking the column required on the output file. This can be views in XLS or PDF and email the report directly from this screen.
It is worth noting that this will be for small reports as to work effeciently the job search screen is capped to 250 results. For more detailed reports view General Reports.

Job Summary

When you view a job at any stage, in the control screen or job search you will see the below job summary screen on the right hand side of your screen.
This is customizable but the below is a representation of the information that can be displayed. Also what you can action from this screen.

  • Edit Job allows you to edit the
    details entered on the booking such as address or goods details, you will be
    able to edit up to the point it is passed for invoicing
  • Edit Drivers will allow you to add or change the driver collecting the job
  • Print will allow you to print paperwork for the consignment such as a docket and commercial invoice
  • Update status see below
  • Email allows you to send an email through the job to anyone attaching a copy of the docket
  • Waiting Time allows you to apply waiting to the job based on the waiting time pricing you have configured on the rate card
  • Cancel Job will cancel the booking allowing you to enter a compensation amount for the driver or agent, a charge to your customer and a reason for cancellation
  • COA will cancel the job with a predefined cancellation charge from the rate card
  • SMS Job will allow you to send an SMS through the system provided you have available sms credits which can be purchased from the accounts department
  • Consolidate allows you to group multiple collections from one customer to allocate in one go to the drivers handset
  • Edit History allows you to remove status / tracking events from the history of the job
  • Service Charge see below
  • Notify Warehouse will present a prompt message when processing the consignment for operations to look out for details on the job
  • Control Rooms allows you to manually move the job to a different control room
  • Edit References allows you to edit the references after the job has been invoiced which will update the reference details on the invoice retrospectively

Update Status

This will allow you to apply statuses to the
booking which can be either an internal message, will appear on the online
tracking, and will appear on online tracking and send an email to the customer.
This is configured in the Control for available status
You are able to create your own statuses , and shortlist these into tabs to quickly locate these
If you click a status it will tell you what
action that status has at the bottom of the pop up box.

Once you double click on the status you wish
to apply you will be able to add a charge applied to the status, add extra
information manually or select from a pre written note. You can
also apply the status to multiple jobs at one time.

Service Charge

You are able to create additional charges linked to the job at any point even after the original job has been invoiced, this will allow you to bill supplementary charges such as duty and taxes or redelivery charges.
You are able to raise the invoice now, alternatively once raised it will be waiting for the next invoice run