Sameday Job

General Booking Information

Enter the customer account name / number
Enter the bookers name
Company / Post Code / Town you can enter the company name of a stored address, a town name or post code, this will then give you the option of entering if this is a collection or delivery and completing full address details, you will have the option to “use” which will add but not save the address “use + save” which will add the address and store in address book.
If you update details on a stored address it will ask you if you want to overwrite the details in the address book, “OK” will update the existing saved address, “Cancel” will create a new address book entry
Select vehicle required
Enter Customers reference for the job
Update email address, if the customer has an email address other than their own they would like updates to be sent to multiple emails can be entered, just use a comma to seperate.
Create job with hot key F5 or clicking green create job in the middle of the screen

Tab Options

Map Options;     
Add a default waypoint will all you to add a “via” to the route
Re-Route Shortest which change the route to shortest rather than fastest current
Return journey to 1st collection point will create a wait and return job
Optimize address will reorder addresses if a more economical route is available
Revert address order will return addresses to originally entered order

General Notes; Notes field which is visible to the customer and will display on the docket

Private Notes; Internal notes only, not visible to the customer

Invoice Notes; Notes to appear on the customers invoice next to the job

Add Costings (F6); Raise an additional charge to the job, from either a preset list or a manual charge. You can enter a cost and allocated to a driver / supplier & sell price with the option to break the cost down on the invoice.

View Costings; Will show any additional costs on the job

Dimensions (F7); Allows you to enter detailed weight and dimensions

Notify Contact; Allows you to tag another address to the job as a visual with no action

Email Quote; Allows you to send the details of the journey with the price of the job to the customer before booking

Open Quotes (F4); Allows you to recall previous quotes made on the account to create the booking

Account History (F2); Allows you to view the past bookings on the account to rebook

Multi Book; Allows you to set a repeat booking pattern for the job, this will create all the bookings at once rather than a schedule booking

Add/Edit Drivers; Will allow you to assign a driver while booking the job

Calculation; Shows you how the quote was calculated ie. the milage rate used or the fixed rate

Switch Screens (F8); Allows you to switch to an overnight / export booking screen if you started the booking in the wrong screen

Create Account; Should you have the Navigator / SagePay Credit Card module this will allow you to create a new credit card account in the system and take payment for the booking

Additional Features

Address' can be dragged to change the order or to change from collection to delivery, vice versa

Clear button between addresses will wipe the entire screen

Ready and close times can be added to each address
Addresses can be delete by dragging them to the dustbin between the addresses

Plus sign between addresses will allow you to enter full addresses manually

The milage and time frame will be shown above the map

The route line on the map can be dragged to create a via or waypoint

If a bespoke price is required you can apply a spot price which will enable you to add an amount fixed as a total, then whether to add automated surcharges or not (fuel)