In the accounts department the remunerations schedule screen allows you to create a regular payment or deduction from a driver statement on a schedule.

  • You can create a label for the remuneration for instance Van Rental, or Insurance
  • The schedule is how often it will apply for instance you could have it run every Monday (weekly), or Every Weekday Worked  (meaning if the driver has worked on a particular day the remuneration will add)
  • The amount can either be a negative amount meaning it will be a deduction from the statement or a positive amount a payment to the statement.
  • Type will either be for a negative amount Deduction from Statement or Payment to Fund (explained in the driver funds doc), or for a positive amount a payment to statement.
  • Invoice charge if set to Y means when a deduction is charged it will raise an invoice to the driver along with the statement
  • Taxable charge if set to Y means you will charge VAT on your deduction
  • Apply to all driver by default if set to Y means all drivers will be effected by this remuneration if set to N you will need to set on a driver level
  • Current if set to Yes means this is active, should it be no longer used you can set to N

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Applying the Remuneration at a driver level

To apply the remuneration to a driver go into the driver profile where you will see a list of the scheduled remunerations and you can tick to apply a remuneration to a driver, and if different to the default value set a bespoke amount 

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