Brexit Update

With Britain due to leave the EU on 01/01/2021 certain features have been added to the system to deal with VAT changes etc.
This help doc will talk you through possible changes that you may need to make in the system.

Set United Kingdom to a Non EU country
In the Control Panel > Country List edit United Kingdom and change from EU Member to Non EU
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Ensure Northern Ireland has the ISO code set to "GB" OR "XI" 
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Change VAT Rules in the system

VAT is calculated when invoices are raised, not when the job is booked. So it is recommended you close of invoicing for 2020 before making the change to the VAT rules in the system.

In the control panel > vat rules you can manage how VAT is calculated on each type of work. Changes on this page will only be able to be saved by an Administrator
In the event of a "No Deal Brexit" the VAT configuration should be as per below
*As of 30/12/2020 with the new proposed deal this VAT configuration would remain correct
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Your agent service codes may need updating
Should you be using a carrier integration IE DHL, you may need to update the service codes on international tariffs.
Traditionally EU consignments with DHL would use the Service codes ECX or ESU these would need changing to WPX or ESI respectively.
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EORI Details
You will now see on a customer account you can set an EORI number which will appear on the commercial invoice generated in the system, sent in to integrated carriers and appear on the CSV manifest to agents.
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Should you need to show a different EORI number on the booking you can use the "Show Customs" tab on an export booking which allows you to add additional information to invoices such as customs declaration, export license, shippers and consignees EORI number.
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