Navigator Item & Unit Scanning



  • Online Portal
  • Containers
  • Container Dashboard
  • Create a New Container
  • Scanning Unit IDs in to Container(s)
  • Container View (Packing)
  • Tracking the Container and Unit ID
  • Driver Scanning at Collection
  • Job View Tracking to Collection
  • Container View (registered with booking)
  • Tracking to Delivery
  • Job View Tracking to Delivery
  • Unpacking the Container
  • Back Office Reporting
  • Item Scan Report
  • View Report
  • Icons (Container / Single)
  • Search Functions
  • Scan History of Items
  • Portal Naming of Unit IDs
  • Bulk Unpack Setting
  • General Reports
  • Important Notes

Online Portal

Using the client online portal, clients can book jobs and create a container(s) to hold Units (i.e. medical samples). The operator has the option to register a container with a booking in preparation for the driver collection.

If drivers are working on scheduled bookings, the client can create a container which the driver will scan at collection to register the container to the booking.


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Container Dashboard

Accessible from the Portal menus top right, click Containers  to open the Containers Dashboard.

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  • Tabular breakdown of Container status - Awaiting Collection, Checked In (at collection), Checked Out (at Delivery) and Unpacked at Destination.
  • Container Data including Date created, assigned Consignment number, Count of Unit IDs and container status.
  • Search function to look up Container IDs or Unit IDs
  • Data Charts displaying the split of Containers by Accounts and Unit Count per Container.

Create a New Container

Using a pre printed barcode, the operator can simply scan a barcode to open a new container.

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If they do not have a pre-printed barcode, click Generate a Code

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Print Barcode will open a printable version of the New Item Container barcode.

Scanning Unit IDs in to Container(s)

Using a USB keyboard Scanner (in the event a keyboard scanner is not available, type the barcode number in to the Scan field and click enter).

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As the operator scans the items, they will appear in this list.

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To store the items to the container, the operator must click Save Changes.

Container View (Packing)

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  • Container Barcode
  • Number of Unit IDs remaining in the Container
  • Function to remove Unit IDs from the Container
  • History Log of Unit IDs
  • Prior to Collection, operators can add more Unit IDs to a Container (This function is removed once the driver checks in the Container).


  •  If a Unit ID is removed this will remain visible as a removed item along with the date / time record when it was removed plus the user who actioned it.

Tracking the Container and Unit IDs

Job Tracking View

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Should the online operator wish to assign the container with a booking

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Complete or scan in the container barcode number and Register Item

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Driver Scanning at Collection

Driver at Collection      Image Placeholder       Taps Items       Image Placeholder      Scans Barcode        Image Placeholder        Container Checked In    

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  • Drivers are required to Arrived prior to item Scanning
  • If set on account in Navigator, a name / signature has to be obtained when confirming collection.


  • The above images shows a registered Item Barcode at check in (in Orange).
  • Should the Item not be registered, the list will be blank and the Driver should proceed to Scan the Item being Collected to complete the Check In.
  • Drivers should not scan Unit IDs (within the Container)

Job View Tracking to Collection

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  • Live Driver Map
  • Job based milestones
  • Container Checked In time (will list multiples if more than one container was presented).

User navigation from Job view to Container view

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Click on the Container row(s) to view the Containers for this booking

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Listed Containerized Items in this Consignment view

Container View (registered with booking)

Once the container is registered with a booking – either by the operator or by the driver collecting

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  • Container Barcode
  • Driver Scans of the Container (Check In / Check Out  / Location / Postcode / Date & Time).
  • Number of Unit IDs remaining in the Container
  • Tracking Map & Live Driver plus Milestones
  • Unit IDs inside the container
  • History Log of Item IDs
  • Function to remove Unit IDs from the Container (permanently recorded in History Log).

Tracking to Delivery

Driver Completing the checking Out.

Driver at Delivery       Image Placeholder      Taps Items        Image Placeholder      Scans Barcode       Image Placeholder     Container Checked Out

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  • Drivers are required to have Arrived prior to item Scanning
  • Items have to be Checked Out to complete Delivery
  • Normal functions of POD Name / Date / Time / Photo of Delivery
  • Drivers are not required to scan Unit IDs

Job View Tracking to Delivery

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  •  Journey Map
  • Tracking milestones
  • Container Checked Out time (will list multiples if more than one container was registered with the consignment).

Unpacking the Container

Once the container is delivered at destination, an operator on the same account or on a linked parent account with the original account which made the booking will be responsible for unpacking.

Operator can locate the Container clicking Containers top right.

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This opens the Containers Dashboard

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This view will display all containers on the account categorised by their movement status.

Operators can locate the container received by clicking through the tabs or by Scanning in the Barcode ID in to the search field.

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If the operator opens the actual box container / damages the label and cannot scan, they are able to identify the container by scanning a Unit ID (previously registered inside the container).

Clicking Search returns the container result.
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Click the container row to open the unpacking screen
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Unpacking by Scanning
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You must Click Save changes to complete the unpacking.

Completed Unpacking
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  • Container Barcode
  • Driver Scans of the Container (Check In / Check Out  / Location / Postcode / Date & Time).
  • Number of Unit IDs remaining in the Container
  • Tracking - Journey Map & Milestones
  • Unit IDs inside the container
  • History Log of Item IDs

Back Office Reporting

Item Scan Report

There is an new Item Scanning report screen to enable CS Teams to have visibility of Item Scans including the Containers and Unit IDs within the Containers.

Report View

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  • Containers are shows with multi box icons
  • Items which are not containers have single box icons

Search Functions

Search function allows for Consignment Number, Item (including Container) and Unit ID look up.

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Scan History of Items

Including Unit ID history
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Clicking on the item row, the History of item Scans will display.

Portal Naming of Unit IDs

You can customise the Unit ID by client to a name more suitable to the contract.

Accounts > View Accounts > Click Client Name > Edit Details > Online Booking

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This will replace all references on the portal from Unit ID to Sample ID.

Bulk Unpack

Account setting to Bulk Unpacking of Containers

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Enables the Bulk Unpack of Units from the Container

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Operator is required to click Bulk Unpack and Save Changes to confirm unpacking.

General Reports

Item and Unit based reporting on General Reports

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Produce Excel reports for Items, item Containers and Unit IDs, output to CSV and PDF.

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Important Notes

  • Containers can only be registered to Bookings when the Online Operator is registered as a Contact on the Booking Account (not a parent account).
  • Unpacking can only be completed by Online Operators who are on the same account as the booking or the groups Parent Account.
  • Non Containerised Item Scanning is an existing piece of functionality within the Navigator and Navigator Mobile applications.
  • All the same functionality remains covering location barcodes and item scanning.
  • Containers are to be treated as an item, drivers do not need to process containers differently from normal items when using the Navigator mobile application.
  • Customers / Operators who pack and unpack Containers do not require the Navigator Mobile Application
  • Customer / Operators should only use the client portal and a USB Barcode Scanner to complete the packing and unpacking steps. A thermal Label printer is also an option of barcode creation / printing.
  • Container Dashboard will show Containers not registered with a consignment as Pending, this will update to the Consignment Number once registered by the Operator or a Driver Scans the Container.

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