Covid Surchages

* This is best now configured as a country supplement in the same way a Brexit Surcharge, click here for help doc.

We have been made aware carriers such as DHL and FedEx have brought in a Covid Surcharge for deliveries.

We have implemented so that this can be charged out and accrued as a cost in the system, this should only be used for a temporary tariff changes such as the Covid Surcharge, in other cases your cost and sell tariffs should just be updated.

To configure the price to customers

Within the Control Panel > Administration > Services you will see the below section

This is for your standard International Product / Service
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Where you can provide the label for the supplement,  whether you charge per kg or a fixed supplement, the amount of the supplement and whether this is shown broken down on the invoice to the customer or not.

You can then on each additional Product/s you have configured in the system, set whether this charges the surcharge and if so at what rate.
Within the Control Panel > Retail Tariffs  > Products you will see the below section
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Should you not want to charge a customer this surcharge you can set that in the account
Within the account > Edit Details > Surcharges
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To configure your costs from suppliers

This is set on the agent file.
In the Control Panel > Agents > Select your agent > Surcharges you can set a fixed amount supplement and or a per kg supplement.

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System fuel surcharge configuration

As the costing is an line costing on the booking how your system fuel surcharge is configured will effect whether a fuel surcharge will be added on this charge.
In the control panel > administration > services you will see the International surcharge base. This sets on what figure fuel is calculated.

Base tariff only means fuel will not be added on any additional costings you may on to the job such as Non Docs, Brexit Surcharge.

Total Retail Price means fuel is added to every additional costing on the job such as Non docs, Brexit Surcharge, DDP Admin etc.