Customer Trends

The customer trends screen allows you to view accounts by their revenue trend over the last 90 days or 7 days.

At the bottom of this page you will find some example filters for this report to spot particular trends in customers, the filters shown in the examples can be tweaked to your customer shipping profiles.

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90 Day Profile - will show a trend line showing them either as;
Consistant - Level Trendline
Down Trading - Downward Trendline
Up Trading - Upward Trendline
No Trend - Only a single day of trend in that period.

The same profiles are also available over the last 7 days.

Spend Averages - The system will average the customers spend on trading days, you can filter to view customers where their last 7 days average is Up or Down compared to their 90 day average.

Profile - You can filter to customers Navigator considers Daily Shippers, Near Daily Shippers, Regular Shippers or Weekly Shippers.

Minimum Number of Days with out trading - Will show you accounts who haven't booked in minimum that number of days.

Minimum Number of Days traded in the last 90 days - You can use this to filter out small or irregular shippers by saying you want to look at accounts who have traded in at least 30 days of last 90 for example.

Min Average Spend - You can then enter the minimum average spend on trending days to only show customers spending over set amounts.


The output on screen will then show you results according to your filters.
The account number and name.
The 90 day Trend, and 90 day trading daily revenue average.
The 7 day Trend, and 7 day trading daily revenue average.
Daily shows the percentage of days where they have given you work (over 100% means they have given you work on the weekend also)
Dormant will show the number of days since last booking
Analysis show a short summary of the account trend.

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Trend Chart

When you click on an account line you will see the customers trend chart with a summary of the account.

You can also click View Account to get to the main account page in Navigator.

The below example customer trend chart shows;
90 Day trend Green positive trend line
7 Day trend Red negative trend
Dormant for 3 days
Average Spend is higher Short term (Last 7 Days) compared to Long Term (Last 90 Days)

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HubSpot API

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You can connect the customer trends to your Hubspot system by clicking the HubSpot logo top right of the trends page.
For each account profile type Daily Shippers, Near Daily Shippers, Regular Shippers or Weekly Shippers, you can set an alert to be sent to your HubSpot system in the form of a Note or Task against the account if the customer is dormant an doesn't book for a set number of days.
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You can also create a HubSpot alert for New or Returning shippers if an account gives you a booking for the first time in the last 90 days.

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Example Trend Filters

The filters shown in the examples shown below can be tweaked to your customer shipping profiles.