Operator Passwords

Password Rule

Changes have been made to operators passwords within Navigator so they can comply with guidance from NCSC National Cyber Security Centre - NCSC.GOV.UK.
Passwords are now case sensitive.
Password must be a minimum of between 6-12 characters depending on your set up, with upper and lower case characters and at least 1 number.
Passwords can be set to expire so users have to change their password every 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.
Passwords changes can be set that you cannot use an already used password for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.
Restricted passwords mean you cannot set password which is commonly used or passwords found in the top 10000 leaked password list.
Throttling - After 3 incorrect password attempt, attempts are restricted for a period of time defined by the number of attempts made.

Creating a new user

When creating a user you will set a password, this password will be a temporary password which will expire in 2 days.
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When the user logs in they will then be prompted to set their own password following above rules.
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View Operator Screen

This screen will show the users password state or any log of incorrect login attempts.
For example below;
Adam has no password Set
Admin password is set and complies with rules
Andrea current password is within the 10000 top leaked passwords
Charlie has no password set and has a number of attempted login, you can see the current number of attempted logins by hovering over the skull and crossbones. 
Skull and Crossbone attempts show a traffic light system;
Green - 1 failed attempt
Orange - 2/3 failed attempts
Red - 3+ failed attempts once red you can click to clear the time out lock which would have happened after 3 attempts.
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