Paperless Trade

As part of its Brexit preparations DHL will soon be enforcing its Paperless Trade service (In future referred to as PLT), which allows you to electronically transmit customs documents, eliminating the need to print and physically attach to each shipment.

Changes have been made within Navigator to deal with this meaning, extra information is required for a successful booking in to DHL.
Paperless trade is also available with DPD and UPS.

Should you wish to use PLT on a booking you can click agent options and tick Electronic Trade Documents
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You can also on the agent tariff that the tariff will always book with PLT
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Should you submit a booking as PLT there will be extra information required.
Some of the information is compulsory.

Compulsory information includes;
Goods description
Goods value
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Non-compulsary information which can also be submitted for the PLT invoice includes;
Within the commodities tab
Customs value (sum of all your commodity values must match total goods value)
Country of manufacture
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Reason for export
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UN / HS Code
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Within the Show Customs tab you can add extra information which is then visible on the DHL invoice
Special Instructions
Customs Declaration
Customs invoice orginator name
Customs Purpose for export
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Notify address and Tax numbers can be sent to DHL as the Billed To section of the DHL invoice
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Example Labels and Invoices

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If you are missing any of the above features let us know using the contact us function below.
You may need to be scheduled in for a system update.