With the EU VAT De Minimis changes coming into effect 01/07/2021 this means that receivers within the EU must pay VAT on import of goods of any value (previously under €22 EUR exempt)

International shippers within the UK can now become IOSS registered which allows them to prepay the customs VAT, meaning the customer within the EU will not pay on arrival.

Shippers from Non EU countries can register with any EU country. Needless to say, language similarities have meant most UK businesses are registering with Ireland’s Revenue.

IOSS is optional, but can only be used when shipping B2C, with a goods value under €150 EUR.

Within Navigator you can set the IOSS number within the general details within an account

Or at a job level in the Customs tab.

Your customer booking portal

On the portal pages we have also added some helpful prompts when shipping to the EU and information such as commodity codes or IOSS numbers are not complete

Should you want to disable these prompts that can be done within the Control Panel > Administration > Online