Shipping Service Types

If you are Sending orders into Navigator from the WMS, you will need to set up the service types

Note: if the orders of coming in through Shopify or WooCommerce, these will need to match the names of the services listed on those sites.

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Create a new service type

to add a new service type, select the plus symbol top left to open the detail window.

  • Code - this will need to match any integrated systems service codes, EG Shopify/WooCommerce,
  • Name - The service name description,
  • Contract - Set this if it is only available for a certain contract.
  • Channel - this is optional and will link the carrier to a certain Channel.
  • Max Weigh, height, width and length - this is optional and can be set if there is a max size that can be sent.
  • Default Carrier - Set the Default carrier EG navigator (This is set up in Manage  Carriers)

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