Country Supplements / Brexit Surcharge

You can configure a "Brexit" or "Covid" Country based surcharge to charge customers in the Control Panel > Retail tariffs > Supplements
Create a supplement

Enter the name of your supplement
Enter a 3 character cost code (br1), (cv1) for example.
Costing name is an internal name for the supplement if different to main name
Supplement type should be "By Country"
Target is who should attract this surcharge so default would be Globally
On invoice defines whether you want to show the surcharge to the customer "Yes" or just bundle it in to the total price "No"
Charge can be set to Fixed Amount or a percentage
Fixed rate is an amount that will always add to the consignment, unlike the minimum which will be dropped once the KG rate has exceeded it.
Per KG charge will charge rounded up to the next KG for instance 1.6 kg will charge 2 x the per kg amount.
Minimum amount is the minimum charge which will be dropped once the KG charge exceeds this figure
You should then tick that this charge applies to Exports.
You can also tick whether it charges on non doc consignments only, if left unticked will charge on any consignment.

You should then configure the Countries and Products the surcharge should apply to in the Control Panel > Retail Tariffs > Country Supplements

Select the supplement, country and products you wish the supplement to apply to.

Customer bespoke amount

Should a customer have a bespoke amount for this surcharge that can be set in the account > edit details > supplements 
Select the supplement and hit add custom rate where you can set a bespoke fixed amount, per kg or minimum.

System fuel surcharge configuration

As the costing is an line costing on the booking how your system fuel surcharge is configured will effect whether a fuel surcharge will be added on this charge.
In the control panel > administration > services you will see the International surcharge base. This sets on what figure fuel is calculated.

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Base tariff only means fuel will not be added on any additional costings you may on to the job such as Non Docs, Brexit Surcharge.

Total Retail Price means fuel is added to every additional costing on the job such as Non docs, Brexit Surcharge, DDP Admin etc.