Recalculating Work

Should you change a tariff in the system and you wish to recalculate past un-invoiced work this can be done in the Control Panel > Retail Tariffs > Recalculate Jobs

You can filter to recalculate work for a particular office or account, if left blank this will recalculate all work.
Set the date range you wish to recalculate work between and tick the job types you wish to recalculate.
When you select "Refine number of consignments" it will tell you how many jobs it has found with these filters.
You can then click select consignments and continue.

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You will then have some options on what you would like to bulk edit.
You can change the account, add a purchase order, change the domestic service level, or just recalculate the prices.
You should then enter your email address and select "Click here to continue"

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Once the work has been updated, you will receive an email to confirm what jobs have been updated and highlighting the price changes.