Uploading Agent Tariffs

International Agent Tariffs are configured in the control panel > Agents  Image Placeholder

To upload tariffs these must be in ready reckoner format. Example below

Tariff Zones / Countries and Weight must each be in their own column.

The spreadsheet should be saved as a .XLS

You should then name your tariff and hit Create New Tariff

And click upload file

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Browse and select your spreadsheet, then upload

You will be presented with the spreadsheet on screen with instructions at the top of the page. 
It will show by default the first 100 rows of the spreadsheet, should the tariff have more lines this can be expanded at the bottom.

If you are uploading a docs rate and a non docs rate ensure to tick the tick box below

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The first step is clicking anywhere in the column containing the weight information, this will then highlight the weight column.

Next click the zone or country column you are uploading in this instance zone 3, this will again highlight this column.

Next click the first set of values, so the first weight line. This is so that headers of the spreadsheet etc are ignored

Finally scroll down and select the last weight line final values of the spreadsheet

Once all the selections are complete you will see the message at the top  "Your selection is complete, click import tariff to transfer the rates."

Click import tariff

The data will then be transferred to the blue screens.

Set Coverage

You then select the products in your system which the tariff can be used for.
You can add the fuel surcharge, non docs and any relevant supplements.
You can then set the Destinations (Towns) or Countries this tariff applies and whether this is an export or an import.

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