CN Mobile Guide

This help doc provides a brief guide and instruction though the basic functions of the CN Mobile drivers application.


Search CNMobile in the App / Google Play store, and install
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When you open the app for the first time, you should allow permissions, such as Location etc.

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Remote Driver:
Should your user be set to an RDN user they will receive an sms with a username (their mobile number) and pin to log in.

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Company Driver:
Should your driver be set they operate a company handset they will need to untick the remote driver network.
This will then give them an option to enter your navigator server address
Driver code and password

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The runsheet is broken down into 3 tabs;

  1. New - New jobs that have been sent to handset and not yet acknowledged.
  2. On board – Jobs on board your vehicle.
  3. Collections – Drivers collections will appear with in this button.

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Job Detail Screen

Click on one of the jobs and you will be taken to this screen

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On the job detail screen you will see information of the job below the consignment number.
If the consignment bar is red colour then the job goes passed the next applicable deadline time (collected or delivered).
Should notes be assigned to the job a notes button will appear once a message over 20 characters has been set to the hand set. Press to read.

  1. Consignment Number – Number of the consignment.
  2. Collections – Tap on this to enable a more detailed screen of where to collect job from and to confirm you have collected or not.
  3. Deliveries – Tap on this to enable the delivers screen to show you details of where the job should be delivered and to confirm if or not the job is complete.
  4. Acknowledge – Once a job is received your should press the “Acknowledge” button for the notification noise to stop and also no notify the office you have reiceved the job.
  5. Start– Once Acknowledged you will then have the option to mark yourself as on route
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Collection Address Screen

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From the collection address screens you can mark that you are On Route, Arrived or Collected

You also have further options under the menu
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If you mark the goods as collected or delivered you will have the option to confirm pieces and condition.

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If either are incorrect hit no and you can select the pieces and enter details of condition along with pictures if required.
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Delivery Address Screen

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On the delivery address screen once you click delivered you will be taken to the below screen to enter the date and time which defaults to now, enter the signed by then either take an image of paperwork or if being left safe, or submit and you will be taken to a signature screen.

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Document Scanning

One of the newest features of the app is document scanning. Within an address you can click menu and docments

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You can then take an image which will add a status within the job history and attach the image to the docket in the system.


In order for notifications and tracking to be aloud these need to be enabled on the phone for the app. You will get asked about this during installation but should you need to ammend these follow the instructions below.

Settings > Navigator you will see permission settings for location, camera and notifications.

Can differ per device but as a guide
Settings > Apps > Navigator > Permissions


Below is a brief run-through of the iPhone drivers app