Navigator Mobile Driver App


Updated release


  • Android & iPhone – Tasks Screen
  • iPhone – address level timings
  • Android & iPhone – Accepting the Job / Rejecting the Job
  • iPhone – Notes Notification
  • iPhone – Confirm Pieces count and provide description of damaged goods


Bug Fixes

  • High Quality Images fix on Android



Please see the below information advising on the updated functionality for both Android and iPhone driver applications.



Android & iPhone

Tasks Screen

The purpose of the Task screen is to assist the driver to work towards the collection and delivery timeframes provided to the clients at point of booking.

Once an address are completed, the address will remove from the task view screen.

Tapping the address moves the driver in to the normal address screen where they can progress the collection or delivery action.


Android Task Screen View                  iPhone Task Screen View

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Address level timings

Collection and Delivery PTA & ETA timings, this information now displays the same as the Android Driver App.


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Android & iPhone

Accepting the Job / Rejecting the Job

The majority of Navigator customers have drivers who work on a contracted basis.

Enabling a driver to accept or reject a job is demonstrating drivers are self employed and not employed.

Should a driver reject a job, this will place a note on the job in Navigator.

Your next Navigator system update will enhance this functionality by removing the driver from the job ready for a controller to re-allocate.


Android View                                            iPhone View

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Notes Notification

When a job has Notes, the View Notes button Red

Notes can be added at booking and editing stages.


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Confirm Pieces count and provide description of damaged goods

At collection and delivery, drivers will be prompted to conform the Consignment Condition.

This enables the driver to report any if there are more than the pieces booked and if they are damaged.

Information submitted is stored on the jobs in Navigator in the same way as the Android Driver App reports back to the system.


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