View Control

You are able to create control screens to filter your work in to same day dispatch screens, International and Domestic in transit screens, Special Deliveries, Monitored or Premium clients and much more.

  • 1 Dropdown box with your configured control screens (Unallocated Work, All Work, Future Work etc.)

  • 2 Driver Panel, See at a glance how many jobs each driver has done that day, number of jobs currently on board, and current pay for that day, you can select the driver to filter the control screens to that drivers work for the day.

  • 3 View your drivers location on our map, you can also click on a driver pin and hit trace to view the historical location of this driver

  • 4 Filter you control screen by vehicle type

  • 5 Control Rooms can filter you control screen by customers, collection area, delivery area and vehicle types

  • 6 Allocate a driver to collection

  • 7 Set colours for different vehicles and delivery statuses to easily identify the status of the job

Traffic Colours

The main block colour pink, grey, blue below is set on each vehicle and can be split to colour before collection and colour once onboard
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The inner colour below red or blue shows whether the job is on time (blue) or running late (red)
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The outer colour meanings are below
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The Colour Meanings
Yellow Marker = New Booking to Control
White Marker = Allocated to Live GPS Tracked Driver
Red Marker = Allocated to Offline Driver (should the driver come online - will revert to White Marker (and visa versa)
Green Marker = Driver Acknowledged on Handset
Black Marker = Driver Collected / POB
Default Job Colour = None of the above

View Driver Panel

The driver panel gives an overview of driver showing TJC (Todays job count), POB (Packages on Board) and Pay for today.

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If you select the driver it will show you their phone number and provide additional options.

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List drivers work will shortlist your control screen showing all work for that driver for that day. You can return to your usual control screen by selecting the green text shown below.
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Bulk Allocate

To use the bulk allocation tool select the driver in the driver panel and select Bulk Allocate

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By hitting enter in the driver field in each consignment will soft allocate the driver to the job.
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You can then hit confirm allocation to allocate the driver to all jobs.
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Hot Keys

Certain key functions can make navigating the controls screens easier.

Ctrl + Z will open the driver panel search field so you can enter a driver code
Ctrl + \ will close the driver panel and return to the control screen

F Keys control screens can be allocated an F key function to quickly switch control screens 
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Page Up / Page Down will allow you to scroll up and down the job on the control screen, some laptops may have the PgUp / PgDn keys over the arrows in which case you will need to hold the "Fn" button along with the arrow.
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Shift can also be used to tab between the control notes and driver allocation on a job.
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