Account Links

Allows you to link one account to another, for either rates & discounts, online booking purposes or invoicing.
The account you are linking to will become a parent account, and the original account the child account

From an account you can select;

  • Account links
  • Enter the account number of the account you wish to set as the parent account
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  • You can then select the parent account from the list 
  • Set whether you want the rates from the parent account to apply to the child accounts also
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Once linked the Account Links tab will appear with an * to show it is linked and you can see what is linked for or delete the link by selecting it.

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By default child accounts will invoice via their parent account, you can change this in the child account by going into edit details > invoice settings and changing invoice via parent account to No

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User on parent accounts will have access to all child accounts via online bookings and will also receive updates on child accounts work if set to receive all updates.