Allows you to run and or schedule a report on a client account.

The reporting period can either be;

Relative date (required for scheduled reporting) being for the last day, week, month etc.

Exact date allows you to enter a date range to run a report for

On Specific invoice allows you to enter an invoice number and report on jobs from this invoice only

The criteria allows you to set if your date range selected you want to search jobs collected in this window, delivered in this window, invoiced within this window or just transited this window.

You can then filter the type of work you wish to report on by selecting to exlcude particular types of work

Should the account your reporting on be the parent to any linked accounts you can select if you want child account jobs to be included in this report.

Event options allows you to filter jobs that have had particular events happen so you can filter to jobs for instance that have had an Airline Delay status applied or a Customs Delay.

The column options allow you to select what information you want to see on the output of the report such as quote, POD etc.

The output format allows you to select a PDF or XLS file, and title the report

Schedule allows you to the set the days, time, recepient and message to the email

You can then either save the report schedule, show the report on screen or email it now.

The first time you run the report you may need to "Allow Pop Ups"
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