Service Charge

Within the Services tab in an account
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If you are creating a change linked to an existing job; 

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You can select Service Charge from the existing job which will take you to the below screen

You are able to create additional charges linked to the job, or as a stand-alone charge at any point even after the original job has been invoiced, this will allow you to bill supplementary charges such as duty and taxes or redelivery charges, or one-off charges for things such as storage, etc.
You can enter a PO and Booked by or if raising linked to an original job this detail will pull through.
You can also enter a job number or tick auto for the system to generate a job number
You can enter a quote amount or leave blank and it will auto sum your breakdown of charges if provided.
You can set the date of the charge
Whether this is taxable
You can tick if you would like to invoice the customer for the charge now, if left unticked it will get picked up on your next invoice run, if you do tick to raise invoice now you can tick to backdate the invoice to the date entered above, otherwise it will invoice with today date.

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