General Reports

General reports in the Accounts Department is main place to run detailed job reports with multiple filter options and output fields.

Selection allows you to filter types of work, also status of the job ie. complete work only or work still in progress.
Select your date range, and whether you want to report on jobs with collection date in that period, invoiced in that period etc.
You are then able to filter by other options such as if it has been invoice, a specific invoice, an office an agent particular products etc.
You can then tick to exclude types of work so should you wish to just see international work you can tick everything but internaitonal

You can then filter by particular accounts if required just by entering an account code, or multiple account codes
Other filters available are vehicle type, account status etc.

Output fields allow you to drag across information you want to see from the available columns section to the selected columns section.
The order the fields appear in the selected columns will be the order of the columns in the output file.
You can create templates storing the selected column output should you run regular reports by giving it a title and hitting store report as template, then next time rather than dragging fields across you can just select a template name.
The job number will always be column 1 in the output file

Events allow you to filter the results to jobs which have had a particular status applied. Allowing you to run reports for custom delays, delivery problems etc.

You can email the report directly or just leave blank to generate report in the request format (Excel or PDF)